Petroleum Services

Petroleum Services in North Carolina & South Carolina

Cape Fear Transport is proud to be the exclusive hauler of Campbell Oil Company products, but we also supply to convenience stores, fleet companies, farms, construction companies, quick lubes, and other facilities across the Carolinas.

To supplement our bulk fuel transport services, we provide fuel management to help keep your gasoline or diesel fuel inventory at pre-calculated PAR levels.

Please read on, and contact us today at (910) 862-2587 or toll-free at (800) 542-2273 to learn more about our NC and SC petroleum services.

Fuel Delivery

When safe, timely delivery of fuel products to your place of business is paramount, count on Cape Fear Transport. Our experienced truck drivers are fully licensed and trained to ensure your bulk propane or petroleum gets to where it needs to go on time, every time.

With a fleet of 15+ trucks and 20+ trailers, we are also able to offer flexible delivery scheduling to suit your needs.

Fuel Inventory Management

Need help maintaining PAR levels at your gas station, truck stop or other facility? With NC and SC fuel inventory management services from Cape Fear Transport, we can determine exact gasoline or diesel levels at your facility on a daily, weekly or customized basis, allowing you to project and plan for future fuel delivery needs.

The demand for fuel is ever-changing. Don’t get caught off guard the next time gas prices go up or down — rely on the fuel inventory management system from Cape Fear Transport.

Cape Fear Transport is based in Elizabethtown, NC and is proud to serve commercial and industrial clients in North Carolina, South Carolina & Virginia.