Fuel Delivery in NC, SC, & VA

At Cape Fear Transport, we are committed to your business’ success as much as you are.

If you own a fleet of trucks or planes, we realize that every minute they aren’t on the roads or in the air is costing you money. That’s why our team guarantees automatic and efficient delivery scheduling, as well as tank wagon or transport deliveries, to fleet companies across the Carolinas, as well as various other residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Below are just a few of the benefits of fuel delivery in North Carolina and South Carolina from Cape Fear Transport…

  • We are capable of hauling bulk gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, propane, aviation gasoline, jet fuel, biodiesel, ethanol and other petroleum products.
  • Our fleet of 15+ trucks and 20+ trailers is equipped to dispense Fuel directly into an approved tank that we supply or that you own.
  • We do fuel pick-ups and delivery, including permanent tank installations, for fleet accounts.
  • Our construction site tank/pump packages offer tanks from 500 gallons to 2,000 gallons.
  • We do generator tank refills.

Transport for Gasoline, Diesel, Propane, Ethanol & More in the Carolinas

Contact Cape Fear Transport today at (910) 862-2587 or toll-free at (800) 542-2273 to learn more about our petroleum and propane delivery service in Raleigh, Fayetteville, Lumberton and surrounding areas in the Carolinas.

Need help maintaining appropriate PAR levels for your petroleum supply? Our fuel inventory management system we track daily fuel readings so you can project and plan for future demand. Call today for more information!

Based in Elizabethtown, NC, Cape Fear Transport provides fuel delivery to industrial and commercial clients across North Carolina and South Carolina. We also provide our petroleum services to gas stations, truck stops, fleet companies, farms, construction companies, and other commercial and industrial facilities in NC, SC, & VA.